“Of Songs and Solitude”

My story “Of Songs and Solitude” is now available from Leading Edge Magazine. You can read it using the free sample at Amazon, but you’ll miss out on the beautiful illustration that’s exclusive to the print edition — a very fine painting from Korance Goodwin. The piece feels so very authentic, like the hand painted art that always used accompany old sci-fi novels, and I definitely recommend you check him out.

(Korance was even so kind as to lend the piece to my website and brighten things up around here. If you like my banner, let him know — you can find him here.)

This story was another piece I first conceived back in college, and I’m very glad it’s found a home. If you enjoy it, please let me know what you think of the piece below in the comments. Thanks for reading.

“Reflections En Route to Orion Nebula”

My poem “Reflections En Route to Orion Nebula” is now available at Strange Horizons. The work is also featured in the weekly podcast, here.

I was lucky enough to get Ciro Faienza as my reader for the podcast, so the poem sounds amazing. Having written the piece, I’d have thought it was pretty good on its own, but Ciro’s reading adds a whole new dimension that makes it feel so much more expressive. Definitely check him out, even if my poem’s not your bag. His site is http://freneticlicense.blogspot.com/

There should be some more news this week — stay tuned.